"Creature" is Fred Andrews first directing gig. Like most first timers, he turned to the low budget genre of horror schlock. Note I said schlock and not just horror.


That said, I see no reason to waste a lot of words on this... uh... film since Mr Andrews didn't think it worthwhile to spend any money, nor time, on this film. And yet, it's better than "Apollo 18"!


"Creature" is based on a fake Louisiana backwoods folktale about inbred man named Grimley who chases down, kills and eats the giant white alligator that just devoured his fiance/sister. After killing and eating the gator and his now dead fiance/sister... along with all the other rotten corpses in the gator lair, Grmiley turns into a half man/half gator critter that holds the surrounding village hostage.

Enter out six seemingly unknowing stars: Niles (Mehcad Brooks), Oscar (Dillon Casey), Randy (Aaron Hill), Beth (Amanda Fuller), Caroline (Rebekah Kennedy), and Emily (Serinda Swan) I think I got that right. It doesn't really matter, you'll never see most of these guys in anything ever again!


They go for a drive through the back country and are seemingly lost. Oscar, seems to be the only one somewhat familiar with the area. Anyway, they stop at a backwoods store to use the restroom and buy [or course] some beer. That's when the standard issue eerie old man (Sid Haig) tells them the story of Grimely and how they could visit Grimley's house that blood built.


Natch, they go for it and wander off into the woods with little more than a machete.


Surprisingly, they break up and go separate ways so that they can individually get killed.

It turns out they were set up and that the few villagers in the area are all in to get them as a sacrifice to the monster.


Stop me if you've heard this one before. Nevr mind, I'll stop as you already know the rest of the story.


What needs to be said that in the age of somewhat inexpensive digital effects, Fred Andrews chose to use some of the same old effects that were used in the 1970s. I haven't seen stuff like this since "Toxic Avenger"! One second a guy has a hand, the next minute he doesn't and is squirting fake blood just before another cut that has him dead.


"Creature" could almost be confused as an homage to B-movies of the 70s if it was that good. Yet it is still better than last weeks "Apollo 18". Go figure!   -- GEOFF BURTON