I'm actually writing the review only one hour removed from watching the film. So it is quite fresh in my mind and I really would like to rid it... quickly.


I checked IMDB to make sure I had the genre correct and noticed it is listed as a comedy. Sure enough, it stars Jason Sudeikis who has appeared in a few comedies, most recently the very funny "Horrible Bosses" and the somewhat funny "Hall Pass". His next film due out is "Movie 43" which is also listed as a comedy with an all star cast. Playing along side Sudeikis is Lake Bell who recently played in "No Strings Attached" and just completed "Black Rock". Tyler Labine recently appeared in "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" and just finished something called "Rapturepalooza".


Leslie Bibb is also in this thing; she recently played in the ill-fated "Zookeeper" and is also in the upcoming "Movie 43". In fact, just about everyone in the film seems like they were between gigs at the time and did this to pick up some extra dough. Surely, they weren't serious when they signed on and will probably not include this in the serious filmography.

At this point I'm guessing I don't really have to go any further about this pseudo comedy. I think I almost laughed twice and even those got stuck.


The premise is when slacker/party man Eric's (Sudeikis) Dad (Don Johnson) decides to sell their summer home by the lake Eric; who's been using the party to entertain his friends with wild parties decides they need one final blow out.


His sidekick McCrudder (Tyler Labine) agrees and they plan an orgy only to include their most intimate friends. Their friends include a gal who has a secret crush on Eric, Sue (Michelle Borth); a friend who psycho analyzes everyone, Alison (Lake bell); a somewhat uninhibited Willow (Angela Sarafyan), a wannabe rock star Duquez (Martin Starr), a repressed nerd Adam (Nick Kroll) and others.


With, what seemed like last minute rewrites, they plan the orgy.

They decide to exclude one couple who recently got married and already have a child, because they didn't think it would be appropriate. That has little to do with the story - again, something that seems like it was thrown in during a rewrite.


During the planning, which includes a visit to a weekly orgy held at a mattress company, Eric falls for one of the real estate brokers Kelly (Leslie Bibb) who has it turns out had been to one of his parties and was familiar with him. Again, a fact that seemed tossed in at the last minute.


Through a series of bad jokes and dull wisecracks they finally get to the weekend - Labor Day of course - and the orgy where more feelings and emotions are released than crazy non-stop sex.


Unfortunately, by this time you are totally disinterested in any of the characters and are itching to get out. Labine, almost saves it doing a poor man version of Zach Galifianakis, but his efforts are too little, too late. Even the sound editing seemed off. I could swear the lips we out of sync with the voices, something I haven't seen since the

80s! I tried hard to find humor and failed to see it. This seemed like something thrown together as a tax write-off for somebody; truly no real thought went into it.


"A Good Old fashioned Orgy" is like the film everyone in the cast was doing between other jobs. Nothing about speaks quality nor even humor; it comes off as something the writers scribbled while sitting on the can.   -- GEOFF BURTON