If two idiots can have a movie based on a trip to White Castle and a sequel based on their imprisonment in Guantanamo Bay, it stands to reason that they should have their own Christmas film.


John Cho and Kal Penn reprise their roles as Harold and Kumar in "A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas" which continues their brand of comedy mocking everything under the sun; or in this case under the Christmas tree. To add insult to injury, they have added 3D just to snatch that extra $3-4 from their fan base.


Although their last adventure was only 3 years ago in real time, this film picks up 6 years after Guantanamo Bay. Harold (Cho) has married Maira (Paula Garces) and settled down into corporate life on Wall Street. Yes, they make a dig at the current Occupy Wall Street movement when Harold leaves hi office and protesters egg him and his assistant. He has now befriended a guy named Tod (Thomas Lennon) who is as different from Kumar and night is to day. Todd is sober and fairly responsible.

Meanwhile, Kumar (Penn) is getting stoned with the mall Santa who moonlights as his neighborhood hook-up. When he gets home (stone) he finds a package addressed to Harold - who has moved away years ago. He feel compelled to deliver the package to Harold as a good friend - or in this case former friend - would. That is of course the segue to mayhem.


Harold's father-in-law ((Danny Trejo) has brought his entire Mexican family to Harold and Maria's for the holidays and is looking to cause Harold much grief. He takes digs at Harold's ethnicity and then the faux Christmas tree he's put up. Mr Perez insist on putting up the fir tree he planted eight years ago - which he just happened to bring along. Harold insist on decorating the tree for the family while they attend midnight mass.


But when Kumar comes over to deliver the package, the tree amazingly catches on fire and they are compelled to hunt through the city looking for a similar fir tree before the family returns. This leads to flipping cares, molesting a Russian mob bosses 16 year old daughter, getting shot at be aforementioned mob boss, dancing in a Broadway show with Neil Patrick Harris (returning as himself) and shooting Santa Claus from the sky.

In other words, the same sophomoric gags as in the previous two films. Only this time in 3D.


Okay, I gotta admit that like "Jackass 3D", "A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas" makes probably the best use of 3D with coming-at-you effects rather than just additional depth.


But with the exception of the drug crazed baby scenes and the Wafflebot, there is nothing we haven't seen before. Their entire persona is little more than what Cheech and Chong gave us 33 years ago in "Up in Smoke" and later ins "Cheech and Chong's Next Movie". Remember Cheech and Chong were the guys who invented stoner movies.


John Cho and Kal Penn have very little else going for them with a very limited range of talent. Cho does at least have his role as Sulu from the rebooted "Star Trek" to look forward to but Penn is a one dimensional actor - this shtick is it for him. For neil Patrick Harris, this is merely an extra paycheck for doing what amounts to a couple of days worth of work.


"A Very Harold and Kuma 3D Christmas" is strictly for fans of the series. Again, anyone who remembers any of the Cheech and Chong movies will only be seeing the same gags by lesser talent. Let's face it, even Cheech Marin moved on, you should too.   -- GEOFF BURTON