The last time we saw Chris Evans, he was fighting for truth, justice and the Aerican way by doing a leather jacket ad metal shield in the action hero adventure "Captain America: The First Avenger".


I guess it's in his movie genetic code to fight the bad guys because now he comes fighting for the little guy in the courtroom in "Puncture". But he is far from the clean cut do goody hero Steve Rogers/Captain America.


His character, trial attorney Mike Weiss, is flaw...truly flawed.

He and his partner Paul Danziger (Mark Kassen) are real life attorneys who fight for the little guy, while still trying to make a tidy profit. The story is true, for the most part.


It opens with a nurse caring for a patient who goes into convulsions and needs sedating. The ER staff is somewhat understaffed and with the assistance of a male nurse, the nurse tries to sedate the patient..which she does. But not without pricking herself with the needle she used on the patient.


What do you know, faster than you can say "Contagion" the nurse is now dying from the prick. The thing is, the prick could have been avoided because some guy named Jeffrey Dancort (Marshall Bell) has invented a syringe that, after it has been used, automatically collapses into itself, thus rendering it no longer useful.


The problem is, that although it only costs a fracton more than regular needles, a couple of hospital supply companies refuse to purchase it because it would require readjusting their paperwork. That's it!

So nurses and people in the medical profession are endangered ever day because a company wants to save two cents and not have to adjust some paperwork.


This fact comes to the attention of Weiss and Danziger and, on behalf of every nurse in the galaxy they sue the big hospital company. But they have two things going against them aside from the big hospital companies big law firm. They have limited funds and they have limited funds because Weiss is a junkie.


Mike Weiss loves to party with the drug addicts and is himself strung out of anything he can shoot up his veins. Meanwhile his partner is hustling to get every kind of paying case they can to justify this big class action lawsuit that could reap them millions on the back end.


The funny thing is Weiss is more passionate about the case than Danziger; he believes in the case... he's the one really pushing forward. But he's a junkie.


We love flawed heroes and Chris Evans portrays this flawed hero to a tee. If he had become physically more emaciated (like Christian Bale would have done) it would have been just that more powerful. For Kassen, this is a giant step up.


"Puncture" is a courtroom procedural that exposes what we really already know, that corporate America sucks and medical corporations really could care less about the little guy. It may even have you looking at the equipment used next time you are in an emergency room!   -- GEOFF BURTON