We already know that Nick Cage is in bankruptcy and needs money in the worst way. That is well documented in every gossip rag and law journal in the United States. Consequently, it's never a surprise when he stars in a crappy movie.


Nicole Kidman, on the other hand, is seemingly in good financial health, so why does she take crappy roles in crappy movies? You would think that the Oscar winning actress would stick with films like "Moulin Rouge", Margot at the Wedding", and "Rabbit Hole" while avoiding "Bewitched", "The Invasion", "Australia", "Just Go With It" and now... "Trespass". yet here she is locked in a bad movie and a bad situation with Nick Cage.


"Trespass" is a movie that only Nick Cage or Nicole Kidman fans could like. But it is a movie that makes me question if we truly are in a recession with all this money available for bad movies!

Cage and Kidman are husband and wife Kyle and Sarah Miller. They have a bratty daughter named Avery (Liana Liberato) who seems to get her way with daddy but not mom.


They live a sumptuous life in a sumptuous home and drive sumptuous cars.


But on this day after Avery sneaks out the house to go to a party with her bad-girl friend, some guys dressed as unbelievable police get into the house and hold Kyle and Sarah while demanding he open a safe that is filled with untold riches.


By Kyle, who fancies himself as a practitioner of The Art of the Deal refuses to open, explaining to his whining wife that the crooks will kill then as soon as they get what they want. This part is probably true.

Now starts an incredible period of bad acting as Kyle shifts his story from unbelievable minute to unbelievable minute. Ultimately he settles with the story that he is broke and nothing that he owns is his - probably a recognition to Cages real-life financial predicament.


But wait! Avery returns form the forbidden night out, sneaks back into the house and lets everyone know she's in the house! What a dumbass!


I can't remember a movie that had me wishing the bad guys would just kill them all and be done with it, except the crooks are a bunch of morons themselves.


The sometimes reliable director Joel Schumacher tries to add an interesting twist, but even that falls flat. There is non of the intrigue from his films "Phone Booth", "Falling Down" or "8mm".


"Trespass" is a real drag. The only thing really amusing is the bad acting, bad cues, and well you get the point.   -- GEOFF BURTON