Somewhere in this universe, Anna Faris is always funny. Somewhere in this universe Anna Faris' infectious smile and mischievous big eyes make people laugh all the time... uncontrollably.




But her latest film "What's Your Number" is not the vehicle that she will use to create that laughter. Much like "Yogi Bear" and "Observe and Report", Anna's shtick falls flat as a pancake. It was cute in "House Bunny" and momentarily in "My Super Ex-Girlfriend", but that's pretty much it.

It seems as though Hollywood, or someone, is determined to create Anna in the likeness of Goldie Hawn. But when Goldie was younger (and she is still hot) she was one-of-a-kind with an infectious giggle, big bright eyes and...talent. She later demonstrated that talent when she won an Oscar for "Cactus Flower" and was nominated later for "Private Benjamin". faris is lightyears from that level, especially if she continues taking lead roles in these inane, plotless films.


This time around she is cast as Ally Darling, a young lady who has slept around a few times and has nothing to show for it. (Doesn't this sound eerily like "Jump The Broom" and a few other flicks lately?) In fact the film opens with her in bed with a guy who bails on her as soon as she invites him to her sister's wedding. She later gets to work only to find out she has been fired by her womanizing boss who likes to smell his fingers after sex.


After reading an article in a Cosmo-type magazine that says most women who have slept with over ten men never get married because of low self esteem, Anna is determined not to sleep with anyone else unless he is the one.


Then she sleeps with her ex-boss. He became number 20.

She then realizes that her sister is marrying a guy whom everyone thought was a loser, and that maybe if she goes back... she'll discover one of her old lovers is Mr Right.


So with the help of her philandering neighbor Colin (Chris Evans) she sets out to track down these exes. Some turned out to be successful, some losers, but she always is keeping her eye on the prize ex.




You already know the rest of the story because it's pretty weak and it's been done a thousand times before. The old Can't see the forest for the trees routine. Oh this is original!


No it's not. Nor was it hardly funny. I found exactly four scenes somewhat humorous, but the rest of this 105 minute mess is totally unfunny. And neither Blithe Danner or Ed Begley Jr. can save it. Faris definitely can't


"What's Your Number" is about as funny as a burr in your eye. Anna Faris seemingly cannot right her career ship as it sinks deeper and deeper into the bad role abyss.   -- GEOFF BURTON