After her phenominal performance in "Martha Marcy May Marlene", it was generally accepted that Elizabeth Olsen does crazy very, very well. In the lead, she was every bit loony tuines as Anthony Perkins, and Vincent Price.


But the question that is always in the back of our minds is the obvious... was that a one-time event? Elizabeth didn't get the exposure her older siblings - Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen - received. Though she had significant acting experience on stage and in videos since she was four years old.


Her third and latest film has her in the lead once again in a frightful setting and a bit manic. Her rolse as Sarah in "Silent House" reaffirms that she can play crazy!

The film opens with Sarah and her father John (Adam Trese) arriving at the family vacation home. It's a bit worse for wear as it has been vandalized by squatters. The neighborhood boys broke out all the windows which naturally required all the windows to be boarded up; so that inside the house is nice and dark.


However, they have lanterns and kerosene lamps to provide light - the usual stuff for a creepy film. Plaus they are being accompanied by her uncle Peter (Eric Sheffer Stevens) who must leave the house to pick up stuff for repairs.


Immediately, a mysterious girl named Sophia (Julia Taylor Ross) comes to the house and reminds Sarah they once were close friends and played together. Sarah can't remember, but plays along, even agreeing to a day out. But once she goes inside and locks the door she starts hearing things.


Her father is immediately knocked out by someone - possibly this odd male figure she sees out the corner of her eye.

No Eilzabeth goes into the crazy mode. The same paranoia she demonstrated in "Martha Marcy May Marlene", is on display here. seemingly alone with a villain in the house, Sarah runs through the house hiding.


She even comes across another little girl who is also hiding.


And then... the film breaks into a movie we've seen before. In fact, we've seen it very recently - "Dream House". Only Sarah is the one being pursued.


Technically, co-directors Chris Kentis and Laura Lau create the same suspence they acheived in their last project together "Open Water". Olsen is convencing as a lunatic. However the story, namely the last fifteen minutes comes up unfortunately lame.


"Silent House" is a great film for anyone who did not see "Dream House" in 2011 - which would be a lot of people. Elizabeth Olsen has found her niche as a nut-case and puts it on display once again.   -- GEOFF BURTON