I can honestly say, that I enjoy Adam Sandler's most recent films ("Jack and Jill", "Just Go With It", "Grown Ups", "Funny People") because they test how many way I can phrase it sucks without actually saying... it sucks.


For example, I find the phrase non stop crap-o-rama is a more suitable replacement for the phrase piece of shit. I find that has the talent of a dry soap dish is cleaner than one-dimensional ass-wipe.


Sandler has peaked and is basically rehashing the same jokes over and over and over again. More of the same again!

In a nutshell, Sandler plays Donny - a guy who gained fame and fortune when as a teenager he nailed and impregnated his ultra hot school teacher. Suitably done to the tune of Van Halen's Hot for Teacher.


The hot mom goes to jail for statutory rape and Donny raises the boy as a single parent. Once his son Todd (Andy Samberg) reaches 18 years old, Donny walks out of his life.


Many years later, Donny is flat broke and owing the IRS lots of back taxes. In the meantime his son is a successful hedge fund manager about to get married.


Donny decides that now is the time to re-enter Todd's life.

Todd is the complete opposite of Donny - reserved and uptight. Donny is crude and vulgar. Who will affect whom more? mind you, it's not like Todd hates his dad it's just the timing isn't right as his hot fiance Jamie (Leighton Meester) might not understand.


On the contrary. It seems all the women in this tome are nuts about Donny; they find him charming and irresistible. That's one of the on going gags that becomes a bore very quickly.


And that is the crux of the problem with Sandler; he seems to have run out of gags. You can almost guess when he's going to throw out a penis joke of some vulgar reference to a body part. Yes, it is initially funny, but then it becomes apparent that it's all he has.


So why the same old crap over and over? Because it's about the money. Remember? Hollywood is about making money, not making movies. And Sandler's Happy Madison Productions makes money. Even "Jack and Jill" made $149 million worldwide! "Just Go With It" made $214 million worldwide. "Grown Ups" made $271 million globally. "Bedtime Stories" made $212 million on the world stage!


People keep buying his product, so like a good businessman, Sandler keeps dishing out the product. Why fix it if they'll buy it broken?


"That's My Boy" is yet another one of Sandler's by-the-numbers vulgar, crude, raunchy productions that will miraculously make money even sucks!   -- GEOFF BURTON