The last time Paul Rudd and David hoked up on a movie was the very funny 2008 "Role Models", so you can't help but think that another project couldn't be bad. And, you wouldn't be wrong... completely.


David Wain wisely tapped into the comedic talents of Rudd, and several other top notch comedians, for his latest film "Wanderlust". Unfortunately, he also tapped Jennifer Aniston, aka The sexiest woman ever*, which nearly dooms the premise.


Oh, don't get me wrong, Jennifer isn't an awful actress. She was actually funny in "Horrible Bosses" as the seducing dentist. She almost showed true comedic timing. But overall, she is kind of flat even when surrounded by a cast of comedians.

In this case she plays Linda, a failing wife/documentarian of George (Rudd) - a stock brokerage guy. They have just bought what the slick real estate salesman (Linda Lavin) calls a micro-loft in the tony side on Manhattan. They are now up to their ears in debt which means (in standard Hollywood theme) they go broke. This means they must think quickly to witt George takes a job with his crazy brother Rick (Ken Marino) in Atlanta.


After all, they can't live on Linda's bargaining skills - she is turned down for a documentary on testicle cancer in Eskimos! Sure, just on that premise any sane husband would run for the hills and leave her! But he takes her with him and that's exactly where they wind up.. in the hills of Georgia.


They happen upon a free-living commune called Elysium populated with hold-overs from the 60s. It's headed up by Seth (Justin Theroux) and he invites them to stay the night to smoke some pot; which they do.


In the morning, they are subsequently invited to stay (especially after wrecking their car) and see if they'll like it. In ernest is one of the founding fathers Carvin (Alan Alda), who toddles around in his wheelchair espousing free love and all the hippie stuff from a day gone by - clearly he's been smoking too much pot. But he is the keeper of the communes deed.

This is important because, as a sub-plot, a nefarious group is planning on taking the property and developing it. As usual in the Hollywood realm of things, the communes property sits in the middle of pristine valuable land.


Meanwhile, Linda is falling right into the commune lifestyle while being coaxed by Seth. George , uneasilt tries to fit in and makes great leaps with the help of the lustful Eva (Malin Akerman) who offers to have sex with him in their free love society.


Clearly Wain tapped into Albert Brooks classic comedy "Lost in America" for many aspects of "Wanderlust". And Rudd, fills that Brooks character as the uneasy partner trying to reel in his susceptible mate.


There are a few laugh out loud moments involving Rudd and the other comedians - Lavin, Alda, Marino - but then Aniston comes along and kills the pace.


There is a chance to take the film and build on the commune momentum (as it were) started by "Martha Marcy May Marlene" as the anti-escape film. To it's credit it almost succeeds. The hokie ending almost spoils the film completely.


"Wanderlust" has it's moments but could have had more with a female lead with some kind of timing and maybe an ending that didn't look like it was ripped off from "Yogi Bear". As for Jennifer Aniston, she still gets parts for some reason... maybe she keeps her producers believing she's the sexiest thing ever!   -- GEOFF BURTON



* In December 2011 Men's Health named Jennifer Aniston the sexiest woman ever over such icons as Marilyn Monroe, Rachel Welch and Sophia Loren.