Kevin Hart is on a roll with every narrative film he's in turning big bucks, his live comedy concerts selling out and every television show raking in big audiences. Whether you like his brand of comedy or not, you must respect his plan to cash in while he's still hot. So many comedians forget to do that. So many celebrities think it lasts forever.


Unless I've lost count, Hart's latest stand-up comedy film "Kevin Hart: What Now" is his fourth stand up film. "Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain" (2013), "Kevin Hart: Laugh at my Pain" (2011), "Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny" (2010) and "Kevin Hart: I'm A Grown Little Man" (2009) preceded it. One more than Chris Rock who stopped at three I believe as did Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor.


Comedians say, you have to keep doing stand up to keep the edge and that once you stop, it's nearly impossible to get back that edge. Bill Cosby, tried to return to stand up but most laughs were out of courtesy. Redd Foxx and Rodney Dangerfield never stopped and were funny until they died.

For Hart, the scene is Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field where Kevin Hart sold out the arena to wrap up his "What Now" comedy tour. The tour was arguably the biggest comedy concert tour ever earning well over $35 million. For the hometown concert Hart sold over 53 thousand tickets which was about the same amount that Larry the Cable Guy sold in Nebraska in 2009.


Opening the film, Hart presents a James Bond-like theme with Halle Berry as the lovely lady with the cash suitcase. The "Casino Royale" card game scene is re-staged only with Hart playing the Bond-like character and Don Cheadle as the villain. No, it's not really funny but it is an amusing set-up to his entrance to the stadium where he'll peel off non-stop stories that include shots at his children, girlfriend, family members, etc.


Utilizing 84 cameras, the film catches pretty much every joke at ten different angles and were able to re-visit several audience members and their reactions shots. Most of the jokes were pretty funny with tons of audience participation - especially from the women.


However, because it was filmed last year, Hart missed out on a chance to keep the concert topical, especially with the current presidential election being every comedian's dream.


"Kevin Hart: What Now" is a funny comedy concert film that keeps Hart in the comedy spotlight though he misses a chance to take shots at current events like Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy were famous for doing.   -- GEOFF BURTON