In her directorial debut, Zoe Lister-Jones casts herself as a thirty-something wife in a marriage that is not only stuck in a rut, but basically drowning in a sea of arguments. Her solution to repair the marriage is starting a garage band with her malcontent spouse. Probably not the best idea but definitely not the worst!


Her husband Ben, is played by Adam Pally (who also has a small role in the upcoming "The Little Hours") and they fight over just about everything. The film opens with them arguing over his not taking the time to wash the dishes, a task he claims is not his because he only used one plate in the pile of dishes. Clearly he could wash the dishes since he works from home while she drives as an Uber driver.


Naturally, during this period of endless arguments, sex is non-existent and friendships are difficult to manage. Until one day, while at a child's birthday party, they take hold of the toy musical instruments and sing a ditty about their arguments. Hmmm, not bad.

Upon returning home, they find they actually feel better and believe they have made a breakthrough of some sort. So, they find their old high school guitars, clear out the garage and start making music. For once, in a long time...they agree on something.


Their creepy next door neighbor Dave (Fred Armisen) drops over after hearing them and mentions that he used to play drums in high school. [Note: Armisen is actually a classically trained composer who scores for Late Night with Seth Meyers and Portlandia] After realizing they need a drummer, they invite him on board.


Things seem to be heading in the right direction until they realize that everything can't be fixed by plucking at a guitar string and the relation reverts back to arguments. Their problems are deeper than what they think. The arguments are witty for a while, but then become redundant. You begin to realize that Lister-Jones believes she has hit on some unique form of humor but instead their repartees become tiresome.


It is actually save by Armisen who appearance as a loner is blown out the water when he introduces his two hot sex-addicted girlfriends Cassandra Diabla (Jamie Chung) and Crystal Vichycoisse (Erinn Hayes). In fact, all the funniest scenes include Arminsen with a terrific deadpan.


While Lister-Jones writing, directing, and acting abilities might be questionable her casting has great potential. She even found a humorous spot for her Life In Pieces co-star Colin Hanks.


"Band Aid" is a fairly humorous look at a truly unique form of couples therapy that would probably work if rock bands were immune to discord!   -- GEOFF BURTON