FOOTNOTES (Sur quel pied danser)


The best thing about Paul Calori and Kostia Testut's new film "Sur quel pied danser" (Footnotes is the English title) is that it doesn't inundate you with a bunch of ridiculous song and dance. This barely qualifies as a musical; more like a romantic comedy with a little music.


Indeed, there are only fourteen songs all of which are subtle with the longest one at four and a half minutes and most at around 2 minutes. Indeed there is much more dialogue than music...very low key.


The story is about the young and lovely Julie (Pauline Etienne) who has just lost her job at a shoe store. The manager cited the recession, though it is suggested that he had ties to the girl he decided to keep. Nevertheless, Julie is out of a job with very little experience.

She is initially unsuccessful in her quest for employment until she gets to a luxury shoe factory where a semi-sympathetic woman supervisor (Clémentine Yelnik) gives her a chance not to lose the job.


But things get tense when the rest of the shoemakers - all women - learn that the big boss (Loïc Corbery) is planning on shutting the factory and moving manufacturing to China where he can get [hopefully] the same craftsmanship for much less. They plan to strike!


In the meantime, Julie meets and falls for a company truck driver named Samy (Olivier Chantreau) who has a 1950's kind of appeal. He sweeps her off her feet and into bed while telling her that she needs to think for herself and not just follow the crowd.


The big boss smooth-talks them into calming down, but he still intends to close the factory, and no one can stop him. Except...


The cast is cute, the songs fun and the pace fast at under 90-minutes. Mostly fantastical, but with a meaningful current day topic of corporate downsizing.


"Footnotes" (Sur quel pied danser) is a nifty, thrifty joy that won't overwhelm you with a bunch of needless showmanship, but charms with delightful characters. [French w/English subtitles]   -- GEOFF BURTON