The beauty of Caroline Labrèche, Steeve Leonard's sci-fi thriller is its simplicity. Unless you're into glowing eyes, there are very few special effects top ruin the narrative. It introduces the main character as a victim of an unknown force who is oblivious to his nature.


Diego Klattenhoff, plays Liam who awakens in the middle of nowhere with amnesia. When he flags down a passing car, the driver of the car stops however the driver is already dead. He comes across a diner and sure enough, everyone in the diner is dead as well. Conclusion: It must be some sort of contagion in the air.


He finally comes across what he assumes is a survivor of the contagion, Jane (Charlotte Sullivan) who is also confused about what's going on. She is wary of him but she soon realizes she needs to stick with him. The reason is that he is the contagion and for some reason she is immune to it. As long as she is with him, her presence negates the phenomenon. When se steps out of the 50 foot radius, people around him die immediately.

The story progresses as a race against time as law enforcement agencies zero in on him when they realize that he is the cause of all these deaths. But there is still no link as to why she needs to be near him t counter the effect.


There is also a vague memory of him and he of her, but it isn't clear right away, but what is clear is that he is courageously trying to save a lot of people. And maybe the only salvation is for the two of them hide away in seclusion.


Oh, if it were that simple then the film wouldn't be as much fun as it is. Labreche and Leonard add just enough twists and turns to keep you engaged but not so many as to confuse you or make the story ludicrous. And that is what makes the film good.


Klattenhoff and Sullivan are just convincing enough to develop the right amount of screen chemistry and make their characters very likable. But you never lose the idea that something just isn't quite right.


Caroline Labreche and Steeve Leonard have collaberated on a couple of other forgotten films but this one did extremely well at this years Fantastic Fest and Fantasia Film Festival.


"Radius" is an amusing sci-fi romp that will provide ninety minutes of head scratching thrills. It is a unique story smartly presented with a better than average low budget cast. VOD   -- GEOFF BURTON