MAY 4, 2018 -- Director Kate Rees Davies offers a dramatized editorial on the testing process of medications on humans. The drug discussed is a hallucinogenic drug that the testers hope will get to the root of three troubled relationships by helping the patients see things in a different light.


The film is set around a hearing conducted by a federal investigator (Mark Burnham) who is questioning a group of scientists on their testing methods and wondering why they didn't see what was going to happen with the test subjects. There is a death of one of the testees.

Jon Huertas stars as Andrew, one test subject married to Lorie (Jennifer Blanc-Biehn) who is a former prostitute. Apparently he is having issues with the fact that she thinks little about having slept with hundreds of men.


Another couple, two gals are having issues because one (Nichola Fynn) accuses her partner's (Aileen Burdock) brother raped her. The third couple is a wife (Jade Tailor) who is insanely preoccupied with the whereabouts of her husband (Emrhys Cooper), a television producer.


The drup effects each patient differently and it is not clear if it's working or not. Especially since on of the couples was given a placebo.


The story is an interesting concept - akin to "Brainstorm", the problem is the quality of talent and acting. None of the actors make their characters believable.


"Atlered Perceptions" is about as generic as can be with a subject matter that should be much more interesting than the cast...and the director...deliver. Somewhere along the line this will be rewritten, re-titled and re-cast and be much better. [VOD]   -- GRADE D --   GEOFF BURTON