FEBRUARY 9, 2018 -- The best thing about James Foley's adaptation of E.L. James third and final book is that there will be no more. Foley took over after the success of the first film by Sam Taylor-Johnson; the films never lived up to the first.


Returning are Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele and Jamie Dornan as billionaire Christian Grey. The film opens right where "Fifty Shades Darker" left off; they get married and continue having as much sex as they can. Grey returns to his kinkiness and Ana joins him.

But because of the Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson) incident, Christian decides to attach a private security around Ana to keep her safe, which she doesn't approve of but goes along with the program. Meanwhile Christian goes about spending his wealth.


Things get testy when, while on their honeymoon Hyde breaks into Grey's corporate headquarters and starts a fire. That is on top of Christian and Ana testing each other's fortitude. This should come as no surprise since they barely know each other.


A female architect, Gia Matteo (Arielle Kebbel) makes ovations in Christian's direction, Ana gets feisty; Ana acquires a new author, Christian's testosterone takes over. He walks out on her, she sleeps in the playroom... hardly a great romance. The only thing seemingly holding them togther is their hatred if Hyde.


Aside from the poor dialogue between Ana and Christian, there is absolutely no chemistry between the two stars. At no time during any of the films does one believe they are in an actual relationship; they seem like two actors running lines naked. Is it even possible to be in a relationship with a billionaire and not know he has a private jet? The contrived suspense of Hyde stalking them falls flat.


Even the wonderful Marcia Gay Harden is merely speaking her lines as the entire cast seems like they are collecting their final paycheck and punching off the clock.


"Fifty Shades Freed" is stiff and ingenuine; the characters are even stiffer than they were in the first two. You've seen more suspense and better acting in porn movies.   -- GRADE D  --   GEOFF BURTON