John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis team up once again in this 1980 schlock horror flick that is being re-released for both Halloween the holiday and the new version of "Halloween".


It is jamie Lee's second film as the new "Scream Queen" of horror and while she isn't as screamy as she was in "Halloween" (1978), she belts out a couple of blood curdlers. This time she's in a small coastla town which is the location of a ship that sank 100 years ago.

Jamie is a traveling gal, passing through when she hooks up for a casual quickie with local dude Nick Castle (Tom Atkins). After the sex, she sticks around to help him investigate a fishing boat on which everyone was killed. Meanwhile, radio personality Stevie Wayne (Adrienne Barbeau), Father Malone (Hal Holbrook) and others are noticing the presence of a thick fog.


Sure enough, the fog brings killer ghosts looking for revenge upon the town that sent them to their watery graves. You can tell they are evil by their glowing red eyes. Pretty stock stuff, but kind of neat 40 years ago.


The film has been restored using 4K technology by Studiocanal featuring Dean Cundey (Dean Cundey ("Back To The Future" (I-III), "Apollo 13", "Romancing The Stone") cinematography and showing a select theaters.


"The Fog" (1980) is a really cool companion-piece for the current "Halloween" also in theaters. It's a great chance to see Jamie Lee Curtis in all of her Scream Queen glory.   -- GRADE C --   GEOFF BURTON