MARCH 20, 2018 -- It should be noted that there are no writing credits for Ryan Justice's latest film "Followers". It should also be noted no one is credited for cinematography either. Only actors, the director, producers and special effects are acknowlegded. Keep in mind even the very low budget "Blair Witch Project" (1999) and "Paranormal Activity" (2007) had someone who owned up to writing them, doing makeup, holding the camera, etc.


Yes, "Followers" is yet another found footage genre film, just like the aforementioned films and presumably produced on a shoestring budget. You will not recognize any of the talent unless you know them personally. This is one of those "Let's toss this out there and see we catch anything" movies that are prevelant at this time of year.


If, in fact, the film was shot with no script Justice should be proud that his film is more watchable than many films with carefully inked scripts. That doesn't mean it's good, it means it's better than a bunch of films.

Amandaa Delaney and Justin Maina are Brooke and Caleb, two social media darlings with a very large following. They record their day to day lives and post themselves on an unnamed social media channel. They are promoting their love story - how they met and have grown together. They are now at the point they are going to take their first vacation together and want the audience to be part of the excitement of their camping trip.


What they don't know is that the area they are going camping has had strange happenings, as evidenced by Act 1, Scene 1 of the film when a strange woman comes out of nowhere to slice someone's throat. Naturally, the location they chose is in the middle of nowhere, substantially distanced from a populated area.


What they also don't know is that two other guys are following them with the intention of showing how easy it is to track these social media celebrities and put them in a gag. Things fall apart when a coven of those mystery gals join the trip baring their machetes!


There is a lot of running around aimlessly and screaming and bloodless throat cutting, but we still don't know who these people are, you can only assume from previous films with women dancing in the woods is white gowns that they are witches. Oh, dopes this sound familiar? A discount version of "Blair Witch Project" and "Paranormal Activity 4" and a bit of "The Little Hours", plain and simple; about as scary as a crumpled napkin.


For Amanda and Justin, this is their first step into being a trivia question as neither demonstrated any real talent. For director Justice, I can only hope he didn't spend a lot on the car rentals.


"Followers" lacks the thrills and chills to be a thriller and the blood required to be a slasher film. Maybe suitable for a kegger party background flick, but little more.   -- GRADE D --   GEOFF BURTON