FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2018 --Alex Keledjian's first directorial feature seems to be the low budget version of Jack Black's "Tenacious D In the Pick of Destiny". That's quite a feat since Blacks movie was also low budget. Keep in mind, that even with Jack Black in the starring role, "Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny" lost money.


Keledjian managed to cast Luke Wilson and David Arquette to star opposite of little known Allie Gonino. Okay, that's really not saying much considering Arquettes biggest films are part of the "Scream" franchise and Wilson's only decent film was "The Royal Tenenbaums" seventeen years ago.

In this film Arquette plays a washed up rock singer named Jimmy, who is living off the royalties of is one hit. He meets wannabe songstress Rachel (Gonino) and is at first impressed with her, but unimpressed by her two tag along musicians Scott (Ryan Donowho) and Zach (Erik Stocklin). He decides to adopt them as his new band, as long as she is the lead, which meets resistance, especially after she bombs during their first performance.


But after that humiliation, Rachel's whacked out mom (Perey Reeves) takes Rachel out of the venue to leave, only for both to be struck by lightening. For Reeves it is a quite exit from a career breaker, but for Gonino as Rachel, she finds new power driven by the lightening bolts.


Using special effects that must have derived from Special Effects for Dummies and the acting might not even be good enough for a Razzie award. And yet it's just cheese enough to give schlock film lovers a bit of entertainment, especially when Rachel starts feeding.


The story is told by narration through Arquette who literally seems board with the whole thing. Owens is...well Owens and the only one seeming to be having a good time is Gonino.


"High Voltage" is about as hot as a 9-volt battery, but does offer enough amusement to for a midnight madness movie watch for teens and really bored adults. [In limited theaters and on VOD]   -- GRADE D+ --   GEOFF BURTON