MAY 11, 2018 -- It would be fair to say that Australian director Jennifer Peedom, has a thing for mountains. It must be so because she has made three films about the mounatins including "Miracle on Everest" (2008), "Sherpa" (2015) and her current film "Mountain". All three films are very visual and, in their own way, rather interesting.


In this film, she cast Willem Dafoe as the narrator as he adds a poetic-like description of what we are seeing and the history of mountains... and men. And that is mostly what the film is about, man's obsession with mountains over the last 150 years or so.

With cinematographer Renan Ozturk helming the camera, we get some breathtaking images of various mountains and some of the crazy things people do when they transit them. This isn't just about mountain climbing.


The documentary starts of extremely slow, slowly describing various mountains and their various obstacles...cold, snow, ice, rock, etc. Though very scenic, watching the first forty-five minutes is like watching paint dry. Great vistas, but coupled with Dafoe's voice and the sleepy time background music, you will need some puppy uppers to stay alert.


It doesn't get interesting until we start seeing the mountain climbers, mountain bikers, mountain skiers and all the other thrill seekers as they take on the might of the mountain. And, strictly for entertainment many fail. You'll get the chance to utter those famous two words..."Not me!"


The biggest probelm with the film is the slow build that makes this one hour fifteen minute film seem like a three hour grind.


"Mountain" is beautifully photographed and ultimately interesting, but it is far to dull in the first 45-minutes. Avoid pain-killers and warm milk or you'll sleep through the good parts.   -- GRADE B --   GEOFF BURTON