APRIL 20, 2018 -- There is a scene in Jay Chandrasekhar's comedy sequel, that is not's been done before. Chandrasekhar as trooper Thorny and Steve Lemme as trooper Mac are impersonating French speaking Canadian Mounties, and faking the language by quoting familiar products.


It has been done before in earlier films but they do it to perfection. And it is hilarious. That one scene is worth the price of admission, provided you didn't pay full price. But it does prove that an old gag executed well can still be extremely funny.


Chandrasekhar, Lemme, Erik Stolhanske, Kevin Heffernan, Paul Soter and Brian Cox return for a second helping of their seventeen year old police farce "Super Troopers" (2001) and give Vermont State police yet another reason to groan. This time they are enforcing their version of the law in a disputed area north of the Vermont border with Quebec.

Apparently, some prankster placed the border markings in the wrong spot and the actual border between Vermont and Quebec juts a few miles north and includes a small Canadian town. It is now a town with no law enforcement and Governor Jessman (Lynda Carter) wants the now unemployed troopers to earn their jobs back by ushering in American law in the town. They will be replacing the Mounties who will be reassigned.


The town big shot is Guy LeFranc (Rob Lowe) who owns the town bordello and saloon. Things do not go well as the townspeople have no interest in being US citizens. Rabbit (Stolhanske) catches the eye of local gal Genevieve Aubois (Emmanuelle Chriqui) who tries to facilitate the transition.


But the entire mission is constantly put in peril because of the slapstick antics by Farva (Heffernan) who is either machine dunning eagles or getting chased by bears. He is obnoxious and completely over the top as a foil for everything the other troopers are doing. Like the first "Super Trooper", his character is the first at which you'll get annoyed. But overall the hijinks are tolerable though now performed by 50-year olds instead of thirtysomethings.


Unfortunately, much like the original, the gags and humor take a nosedive after the first fifty minutes when the plot shifts to a smuggling operation to bring Cuban cigars, various drugs and then weapons into the U.S. Chandrasekhar seemed to be hoping that Lowe could find some comedic chops to save the ending, but alas...that doesn't happen.


It was nevertheless good to see the lovely Ms Carter (the original Wonder Woman) and even Damon Wayans Jr. (son of Damon Wayans) has an amusing cameo.


"Super Troopers 2" is more of the same from seventeen years ago with a few good chuckles and one good belly laugh before it tails off into an exercise of boredom.   -- GRADE C --   GEOFF BURTON